Making the First Move When with an Escort

Everyone dreams about that one person that they know is the right partner. However, finding the perfect person of your dreams can take an incredibly long time to reveal themselves, hence why we get to have fun dating other people until we get that lightning bolt through us. Up until then, it is also great not just to date whoever we can, but also to date in a fashion that is both pleasant, and respectful to our partner, and what better way to practice our dating moves than with a willing participant? If you happen to be short of someone to do this with then we have the perfect solution for you, how about arranging a date with a beautiful, talented and successful girl from Charlotte Action Escorts?

Did you know that 2 in 5 men have dated an escort girl? And do you know of those numbers how many have had an unfortunate experience? That would be none! Dating an escort is like dating any other woman however she is there for you and only you. Sure, you have to show that you aren’t a caveman, however, unlike other girls, she will not keep you waiting, she will not scoff at your choice of restaurant and better still, and you don’t have to wait weeks on end before she stays over. You will, however, have to display proper dating etiquette.

Here are a few tips to help you get started and make the first move when with an escort.

Be punctual. No lady likes to be kept waiting, but then no lady likes to be rushed if you arrive too early either! These days, it is not always necessary to collect her from her house and the modern woman, and new escort will happily come and meet you at an agreed place. Agree on this beforehand and escort your date from whatever point you meet.

Small gestures won’t go unnoticed. If you are walking along a pavement near a busy road, offer to walk on the side nearest the traffic. Your escort will feel safer and more protected, as well as noticing your chivalrous values. The standards still apply; if she is cold, offer her your coat. Pull out her chair, offer to pour her wine. Some women of today have strong feminist values or believe in equal opportunities, so will not necessarily accept your offer.

They may seem overdone, but gifts such as flowers or chocolates can delight a girl. Choose carefully; if she has strong hay fever or allergies, opt for chocolates. If she has issues with her weight or mentions it often, go for chocolates. It may take a few dates to judge this correctly, but it still shows romance and thoughtfulness. If you act like a gentleman not only will your escort appreciate it, but so will any girl you decide to woo.

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